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Rumours   Wed 20th to Sat 23rd May 2015
St Barnabas Church
Lavenham Road
Southfields, SW18 5EP
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The Full Monty September 2015
Putney Arts Theatre
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Hairspray February 2016
London Oratory School Theatre
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Legally Blonde   September 2016
Putney Arts Theatre
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Farewell Eastwick

They say all good things must come to an end... and sadly, the time has come to leave Eastwick. So we bid a fond (and slightly emotional) farewell to Darryl Van Horne, our Witches, and indeed all the people of Eastwick. Thank you to everyone involved for making The Witches of Eastwick such a success - from the cast to the production team, to the crew who worked tirelessly behind the scenes all week on what is an incredibly technical show!

And, of course, thank you to our audiences for visiting our little town. Without you, Eastwick wouldn't have been half the place it was. We've had an absolute blast, and wish we could have stayed longer.

But, it's not all sadness and sorrow, for on Tuesday 3rd March, we start rehearsals for our next show, Neil Simon's Rumours (the British version). Take a look at more details about the auditions and how you can get involved.

(Photo by Liam Walls)

First meeting & auditions for Rumours

Our next production is RUMOURS (the British version), by Neil Simon, to be performed from Wednesday 20th - Saturday 23rd May 2015. 

The first meeting will take place Tuesday 3rd March at 7.30pm at St Barnabas Church Hall, Lavenham Road, Southfields, SW18 5EP. 

Come along to the first meeting and find out more about this great play, and how you can get involved. Everyone welcome, members and non-members. 

For more information, please see our auditions page

Announcing our new partner

We are delighted to announce that we have secured a show sponsor for our next four shows - letyano Ltd.

letyano have developed a new app for smart phones that allows users to give instant feedback on a service or product they've experienced, in return for a reward. The company is targeting SW London and they see Cygnet Players as a great way to spread the word about their service and encourage people to download and use the app.

In return, we've negotiated a good sponsorship deal and we'll also be set up as a client on the app. This will allow our audiences to fill out a quick questionnaire and give us feedback on the show they're seeing that night. It should give us valuable information on who our audiences are and what they think about the quality of our shows - which will of course help us to make our future shows even better.

This deal will give Cygnets added financial security and, together with our company sponsor, ABC Selfstore, puts the company in a strong position going forward.

We would love it if you could spend a few minutes to download the app now and see what rewards are available for you in your local area. The app is free and typically clients include local bars, coffee shops and restaurants. As the business grows, more and more rewards will become available.

You'll be seeing the letyano logo on all our publicity going forward, so look out for it, and please spread the word to any friends and colleagues who might also be interested.

Calendar of Events

Wed 18th - Sat 21st Feb
The Witches of Eastwick
Join us as we fly into the London Oratory for this stunning show


Wed 20th - Sat 23rd May 
Join us for Neil Simon's hilarious farce at St Barnabas Church, Southfields


Wed 23rd - Sat 26th Sep
The Full Monty
Join us at Putney Arts Theatre for the musical that bares all!



Thu 16th October
Cygnet Players 2014 AGM

Thu 16th October
Witches of Eastwick first meeting

Tue 21st October
Witches of Eastwick audition prep

Thu 23rd October 
Witches of Eastwick audition prep

Tue 28th October
Witches of Eastwick auditions


Sun 2nd November
Witches of Eastwick auditions

Tue 4th November
Witches of Eastwick recalls

Sun 16th November

Cygnet quiz night


Show Reviews

"From the moment the action started with the stirring “The Old Red Hills of Rome” and the individual voices of Nick Dore and Juan Miralles, I knew we were on for a winner."

“Stephen’s physicality [as Leo Frank] was excellent, never once dropping any ounce of character from this relatively insignificant individual yet he will never be forgotten.”

“Usually within a production there is at the very least the odd sub principal who is a bit wooden or tuneless but I can honestly say everyone on stage was enhancing the production not detracting from it.” 

Steve Macvicar
NODA Review

"The whole production was slick, well performed and of a very high standard."

"It was a fantastic show, I want to book another ticket and come see it to laugh all over again!"

Steve Rikard
Sardines Magazine Review

"Your audience were in stitches regularly and this is not just because of the quality of the material but because of the quality of the delivery."

"Congratulations to Ian Ward for directing such a tight production."

Stephen Macvicar 
NODA Review

"The cast were very strong and executed well both script and score with much skill and aplomb."

"It is difficult to get the balance right with this show between the drama and the comedy/pantomime and I thought you achieved the balance pretty much perfectly."

Stephen Macvicar 

'I have to say at this point that this production is one of the best non-professional I have ever seen! Finding fault was very nigh on impossible as the cast were of a very high standard and to give nothing away, provided us with a lead performance that was pure excellence.'

Stephen Macvicar

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cygnetplayers Tonight's the 1st meeting for our next show, Rumours. Come to St Barnabas @ 7.30pm, & see how you can get involved!

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