20th to 23rd May 2015

St Barnabas Church
Lavenham Road
Southfields SW18 5EP

Director: Adam Walker

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Our 2015 play, to be performed at St Barnabas Church from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd May 2015, is Rumours, by Neil Simon.

About the show

A beautiful London townhouse, the who's who of London society, the party of the season. What could go wrong?

When a surprise incident awaits the couples arriving to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary of their esteemed friend Charlie, the evening takes a surprise turn. As rumours abound, will the friends stick together or fall apart in this hilarious farce by Neil Simon?

The Rumours cast is: 

Ken Beavens – Jonny Clines
Chris Beavens – Aimee Parnell
Len Cummings – Mark Smith 
Claire Cummings – Sarah Grey
Ernest Cusack – Jon Bradley
Cookie Cusack – Alison Walters
Glenn Cooper – Russell Hughes
Cassie Cooper – Phoebe Gafsen-Morris 
PC Conklin – Liam Walls
PC Casey - Zoe Dobell