Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st May 2005
Posk Theatre, Hammersmith

Director: Jonny Clines
Musical director: Michael Cryne
Choreographer: Jane Saunders






Fagin – Pete Picton
Nancy – Kate Marchant
Bill Sykes – Ian Ward
Oliver – Charlie Manton / Jamie Manton
Artful Dodger – Rhys Laverty / Roger Dipper
Mr Bumble – Patrick Harrison
Widow Corney – Alison Walters
Bet – Emily Phillippou
Charley Bates – Bethany Taylor / Jade Dogan
Mr Sowerberry – Stephen Denby
Mrs Sowerberry – Shirley Hewitt
Noah Claypole – Matthew Ruby
Charlotte – Jessica Green
Mr Brownlow – Stuart MacFarlane
Dr Grimwig – Kelly Mannah
Mrs Bedwin – Alice Cowan
Old Sally – Nessie Lobanov-Rostovsky

Adult company
Guy Brew, Joanne Cosson, Alice Cowan, Julian Davis, Kathryn Fish, Caroline Gough, Jessica Green, Fran Hughes, Nessie Lobanov-Rostovsky, Stuart MacFarlane, Kelly Mannah, Danielle Moon, Helen Quigley, Charlie Richards, Matthew Ruby, Jan Smith, Louise Young

Workhouse / Fagin’s gang
Blue team – Amelia Cottrell, Leia Dominique Ryan, Holly Evans, Maxton Greenwood, Rebecca Hitchings, Jessica Holcombe, Thea Jamieson, Mimi Simpson, Nino Stylianou
Red team – Jessica Barnett-Eves, Gemma Duncan, Isatta Duncan, Alex Harvey, Megan Henery, Eleanor Mackinder, Lauren Peters, Francesca Pittingale, Claudia Todd

About the show

Oliver the musical is based on the novel ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens. It’s a rags to riches story brought to life with energetic and poignant songs that capture the spirit of the times and a community trying to survive somehow.

Left an orphan after the death of his mother, Oliver spends his early childhood in the Workhouse, where the children are over-worked and under-fed. One day, Oliver bravely asks for more gruel and is thrown out of the Workhouse.

Intending to seek his fortune, Oliver escapes to London, where he meets the Artful Dodger and is introduced to Fagin and his children’s gang of pickpockets, along with other characters such as the notorious thief Bill Sykes and his gentle girlfriend Nancy.

Venturing out with Dodger to learn the art of pickpocketing, Oliver is mistakenly caught and accused of stealing a rich gentleman’s wallet. However, the victim takes pity on Oliver, whose luck finally appears to be turning.

Entrusted with an errand, Oliver is kidnapped by Bill and Nancy and returns to Fagin. Nancy begins to fear for Oliver’s safety.

Reaching a dramatic conclusion, the show is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Show Reviews

"Jamie Miller-Hughes brought both her acting experience, and first-hand knowledge of All Shook Up, to the roles of Director/Producer. Attention to detail was obviously stressed as the end product was both precise and polished. The entire show ran smoothly and the full house witnessed a superb show."

"Kim Schenkelaars (Choreographer) and Aoife Considine (Assistant Choreographer) combined to ensure a huge amount of pace and energy in all dance routines."

"Barry Lattimore-Quinn took on the hugely demanding role of Chad. Barry’s dancing skills and athletic movement were perfect for this high-energy role and character. Overall, Barry delivered an excellent performance."

"Jessica Laing gave a superb performance as Natalie/Ed. Jessica has a fabulous singing voice, which was repeatedly demonstrated throughout the show, together with maturity, apparent ease and great humour. A fabulous all-round performance."

"Alex Blackie demonstrated his fine character acting as ‘nerdish’ Dennis. Alex’s general awkwardness, diction and facial expressions were great and his singing skills came to the fore in the wonderful solo 'It Hurts Me'."

Des Wilby
NODA Review

"Threatening to steal the show with her vocals was Harriet Ruby as Sylvia. Ruby had a brilliantly strong belt who knew how to use it and also knew when the song needed a more tender treatment."

"In all of the big ensemble numbers the harmonies were spot on and sounded really full. I can tell that M.D Michael Searle would have worked really hard with the cast to get that sound."

Sarah McPartlan
Musical Theatre Musings Review


"Aimee Parnell is to be congratulated as Director for this wonderful piece of theatre. Attention to detail was precise, the movement of props during the musical numbers was effortless and the overall pace was terrific."

"Kim Schenkelaars deserves huge credit as Choreographer and for including so much energy and variety into the dance routines.... the choreography was fabulous and really added to the show’s appeal."

"Glen Jordan portrayed Moritz ... with just the right amount of teenage angst Glen’s emotional acting of his songs showed a total understanding of what he was portraying."

"Josh Yard and Laura Harrison both did exceptionally well in playing every adult part and for delivering some chilling moments together with humour and even sensitivity. Their scenes as grieving parents were extremely well handled and all their various characters carefully reflected general attitudes of the time period."

Des Wilby
NODA Review

"I was impressed at the strength of the cast across the board. Matthew Wright played Melchior opposite Veronique Piercy’s Wendla. Wright’s self assurance contrasted nicely against Piercy’s youthful innocence. Piercy opened the show with ‘Mama Who Bore Me,’ and her assured clear tone set the bar high for the rest of the night."

"The music was also beautifully delivered with Harriet Oughton at the helm. They mastered the score from the rocky aggressive numbers which really packed a punch to the beautifully balanced and harmony rich numbers"

"It is shows like that that help blur the line between amateur and professional theatre."

Sarah McPartlan
Musical Theatre Musings Review

"Phoebe Fleetham must first and foremost be congratulated for her role as Director and ensuring this production was slick, highly polished and a resounding success."

"Keith Walters, Rosie Orchard, Joanne Frazer and Paul Nicholas Dyke provided the principal ‘line up’ for this show and it was impossible to fault their performances in anyway. Virtually on stage throughout the entire production, I was hugely impressed with the characterisation of each principal, their consistent accents and vocal ranges. They were nothing short of superb."

"Will Prescott (1st Man) and Russell Hughes (2nd Man) provided additional light relief and certainly worked well together. Carefully maintaining their accents and characters throughout, their standout moment came in their duet ‘Brush Up You Shakespeare’."

Des Wilby
NODA Review

"The highlight of the show for me had to be the opening of Act 2 with ‘Too Darn Hot.’ Vicki Rice, the choreographer had devised a number that all of the cast could execute with real flair and a huge amount of energy and had clearly drilled them repeatedly. This resulted in a real feast for the eyes and ears."

"I must congratulate Cygnet Players on a high standard of production; with a sizzling production number, leads that oozed their characters and a wonderful orchestra this is a great show to see if you love the golden age musicals."

Sarah McPartlan
Musical Theatre Musings

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