Anyone is welcome to audition. In order to join the cast and perform in the show, you’ll need to pay an annual membership fee (currently £35 as a one-off, or £30 if paid by direct debit / standing order).

We will try to audition everyone that wants to take part; but this may not be possible if your audition form is submitted after the given deadline, or the number of available audition slots has been exceeded.

Auditions are closed, and take place in front of a panel of at least three people, including at least one committee member, plus the show’s production team.

The creative team will specify the size of cast required for the show, based on the theatre capacity, along with the singing/dancing/acting skills required for each role.

Cygnets will always strive to have a cast containing a good mix of members and non-members (where, in this context, a ‘member’ is either a paid up member, or has been in two or more Cygnet shows in the past), to ensure that the membership is well represented.

The cast will be chosen by the audition panel, taking into account:

  • The ability to perform the requirements of the role
  • Suitability for the role
  • Ability to attend the rehearsals and performance period
  • Other guidelines

If you’re recalled for a principal part, you will be offered a part in the ensemble (as long as the show contains an ensemble, and you’ve indicated that you’d accept an ensemble place).

If a member and non-member are on completely equal paring for a role, the balance of members and non-members will be considered before selecting who is cast.

All roles should be cast from those who audition, unless the whole panel unanimously agrees that there is no-one suitable for a particular role.


We are committed to making inclusive and diverse productions which showcase the talents of our society and which gives each and every member of the cast a moment to shine. As such, there will be opportunities for singers and dancers of all genders, ethnicities and ages! 

Become a member

We’re a lovely bunch and always on the lookout for new members to welcome into the Cygnet Players family!