Merrily We Roll Along


Tuesday 4 – Saturday 8 September 2018, Putney Arts Centre

Franklin Shepard is a rich, famous, and influential songwriter and film producer. As the years roll back over 20 years of his life, we see his journey from penniless composer to wealthy producer, and what he sacrificed to get there. With a brilliant score and the deep insight expected from any Sondheim endeavour, Merrily We Roll Along is a spirited and moving cautionary tale for anyone who has ever pursued a dream.


Creative Team

Director – Zoë Dobell
Assistant Director – Aimee Parnell
Musical Director – Mark Stanford
Producer – Callum Walker-Galbraith


Franklin Shepard – Andrew Overin
Charley Kringas – Adam Walker-Galbraith
Mary Flynn – Olga-Marie Pratt
Gussie Carnegie – Louisa Roberts
Beth – Kate Gledhill
Joe Josephson – Russell Bramley

Mary Clare
Kathryn Felton
Phoebe Fleetham
Brett McHargue
Maggie Murray
Rosalind Orchard
Sarah Prescott
Will Prescott
Fongphu Tran
Kate Vlietstra

Photography by Deborah Lowe.