Fame: The Musical


Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th February 2024, London Oratory School Theatre

Fame: The Musical follows the highs and lows of the final class of New York City’s illustrious High School for the Performing Arts, from their first year in 1980 to their graduation in 1984. It tells the story of the students; their toils, triumphs and tempestuous relationships. We see their struggles with ambition, fame, and self-confidence as the young performers explore the realities of striving for a career in show business.

“…a fantastic care-free evening out at the theatre…” — “Cygnet Players should be extremely proud of this production and I can’t wait to see their exciting upcoming season” — “the perfect antidote to the daily grind of the week!”

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Director: Phoebe Fleetham
Musical Director: Ashley Harvey
Choreographer: Kim Schenkelaars
Producer: Sally Bourne

Assistant Director: Caroline Steer-Smith
Assistant Musical Director: Joanna Cheng
Assistant Choreographer: Lauren Cronin


Nick Piazza – Alex Johnston
Serena Katz – Tara Blackburn
Carmen Diaz – Adrianna Cordero-Marino
Tyrone Jackson – Ruben Ondo Mesa
Joe “José” Vegas – Cristobal Gómez Vera
Schlomo Metzenbaum – Petro Hajj
Grace “Lambchops” Lamb – Ruth Furber
Goodman “Goody” King – Jamie Wright
Mabel Washington – Rosie Miles
Iris Kelly – Lucy Parfitt

Miss Esther Sherman – Amy Matthewson
Ms Greta Bell – Emma Gemoli
Ms Myers – Georgina MacFarlane
Ms Sheinkopf – Laura Holden

Dance Students: Ellie Barrett, Milly Dalzell, Siána French, Chloe Lane, Jake McKerell, Izzy O’Flanagan, Tara Rogerson, Laura Smith, Marie Spicq

Acting Students: Alice Beaumont, Angelia Benjamin, Tyrone Haywood, Laura Martin, Esther Platt, Ellen Steel

Music Students: Erin Lawlor, Eoin McCaffery, Laura McClenaghan, Emma Recknell, Emma Robinson, Lorna Wills

Photography by Russell Hughes.