Wednesday 19 – Saturday 22 February 2019

London Oratory School Theatre
Seagrave Road

Based on the 2001 DreamWorks film Shrek and William Steig’s 1990 book Shrek!, Shrek: The Musical is set in a mythical ‘once upon a time’ sort of land, where a hulking green ogre lives in an ugly green swamp. When his life is disrupted by a gang of homeless fairytale characters in pursuit of getting their own homes back, he reluctantly agrees to help. In the process he meets, and rescues, Princess Fiona, who he likes … a lot. But why does she always run off when the sun sets?

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Creative Team

Pre-audition workshops and audition dates are as follows:

Tuesday 28th September; 8pm – first meeting, held virtually over Zoom – please see the info pack for details!

Thursday 30th September & Tuesday 5th October; from 7:30pm – pre-audition workshops – see info pack for details
Thursday 7th October; from 7:30pm – auditions
Sunday 10th October: from 2:00pm until 6:00pm – auditions
Tuesday 12th October; from 7:30pm – recalls
Thursday 14th October; 7:30pm – first rehearsal

All meetings and auditions (unless otherwise communicated) will take place at St Barnabas Church Hall, 146 Lavenham Road, Southfields, SW18 5EP.


Shrek: Joe McWilliam
Fiona: Gemma Louise Zirfas
Donkey: Adam Walker-Galbraith
Lord Faarquad: Jonathan Whittaker
Pinocchio: Andrew Thompson
Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy: Jessica Laing
Dragon Lady/Fairy Godmother: Stephanie Parr
Three Little Pigs: Jamie Miller-Hughes, Gemma Miles, Rachel Kennedy
Papa Bear/Papa Ogre: Russell Hughes
Mama Bear/Mama Ogre: Deborah Lowe
Baby Bear/Teen Fiona: Emily Hardy
The Witch/Queen Lillian: Kaylen Rose
Big Bad Wolf/King Harold: Kob Yeboah
Humpty Dumpty: Jemma Louise-Smith
Three Blind Mice: Sally Reeve, Emily Roach, Kathryn Sinclair
Peter Pan/Pied Piper: Sinead Burniston
Ugly Duckling: Courtnei-Violet Danks
Little Red Riding Hood: Kathryn Felton
Tweedle Dee: Laura Holden
Tweedle Dum: Nicky Radford
Captain Hook/Captain of the Guard: Alex Johnson
Ugly Sister/Thelonius: Callum Walshe
White Rabbit/Grumpy: Adam Ballis
The Shoemakers Elf: Beth Owen
Alice in Wonderland: Hayley Wells
Evil Queen: Georgie Crotty
Goldilocks: Laura Smith
Mulan: Sophia Allwood
Sea Witch: Gina Brill
Match Girl: Leanne Armstrong

Photography by Steve Gregson.